Grant Crews is a Mass Communication major with an emphasis in Theatre at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Since coming to school in 2016, he has performed in several plays at the Black Box Theatre on campus at SWOSU, such as 12 Angry Jurors, You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown, and The Crucible. He has written for the school newspaper, The Southwestern, as a sports reporter. He has writen short plays, including a ten minute play called The Jug. He has also written speeches for high school students in the OSSAA Highs School Speech and Debate tournaments. Some examples of his work can be found below. 

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The Eroding Empathy Epidemic: But the Doctor is In!

A Standard Oratory for Speech and Debate
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“First they came for the Socialists, and I said nothing- Because I was not a Socialist. Then they

came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out- Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then

they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out- Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for

me- And there was no one left to speak out for me.”

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “empathy” as “the feeling that you understand and share

another person's experiences and emotions: the ability to share someone else's feelings”

Empathy is the essence of humanity. Being bipedal with an erect posture with the ability

to use tools makes us Homo sapiens, but sharing another person’s feelings creates our

humanness. We can all agree that empathy is a defining factor in being a person, if not the base

head, of our humanity. However, the quote from Pastor Martin Niemöller that you just heard

sums up exactly what I think has happened to our empathy today. Our empathy as a society has

become infected with selfishness and it is time we sought treatment. I have studied and thought

over the ideas, principles, and even the implications behind what empathy is. Let’s consider my



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The Jug, A Ten Minute Play

Cast of Characters


Jason Tuggs-A man looking to fill the hole in his heart with muscles.

Marty Flynn-One nerd to rule them all. Short.

Susan C. Anthony-A woman giving new meaning to the word basic.

Connor Arbuckle-He can fix your car, but can’t remember your name.

Katie McAurthy-Has a nose for gossip.

Casey Cubric-School Spirit runs through her cold, cold heart.



An indoor running track.



Finals week at Kansas State University




Scene 1


Setting: The beginning portion of the indoor running track at Kansas State University. The Pom

Squad is holding a fundraising event called the Go for the Jug-Ular. Participants pay ten dollars

to enter the race. Runners must drink a full glass of milk from their personal jug of milk,

complete a full lap around the track in under one minute and thirty seconds, then drink another

glass of milk and repeat. The participant who finishes their jug first, and/or completes the most

number of laps without throwing up or breaking the time limit wins, and gets to go on a date with

their choice of either the Pom Squad captain Casey Cubric, or the Football Captain Tony Giter.

The race is minutes from starting.

At Rise: The cast is all on stage. Jason, Marty, Susan, and Connor are at the starting line. Katie

is at the milk table preparing drinks, and Casey is at the starting line to oversee the race.



Alright, listen up all you Tiger Cubs out there! The Go for the Jug-Ular race to raise money for

Jugular Cancer awareness is about to start! Please get in your positions, find your glass of milk,

and show as much team spirit as you can get out of those pathetic bodies! Go Tigers, yeah!



Does anyone have any questions before the event starts?



Oh no, no no no Katie. Stop that.



Oh, I’m sorry I thought now would be a good time to-



Oh you’re aboulty right to be sorry, and you’re right to think now would be a good time for

questions. It’s just that I don’t want any of these young impressionable fans to think you have

any control or power over what’s going on right now.

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Various News Articles

What It Takes to Make a Team: Jared Jackson

Written By Grant Crews


Athletes of all sports have different exercise and training drills that they use to be in peak physical shape. A football player does not have the same exercise program that a track star has. To keep each athlete at their peak physical shape, athletic programs have Strength and Conditioning Coaches. At Southwestern, Jared Jackson is the Head Strength and Conditioning coach since 2015.


After graduating Northwestern Oklahoma State with a bachelor's degree in Health and Sports Science and finishing his career as a football player  in 2013, Jackson came to SWOSU to get a Masters Degree in Sports Management, and graduated in 2015. He was hired as an assistant coach, then promoted to head coach in 2015.


Coach Jackson has the responsibility of directing all strength and conditioning programs across all of the athletic programs at SWOSU. He also leads select teams in their workouts. He has assisted with the renovation of SWOSU’s Strength and Conditioning Center, increasing the building by 2,500 square feet.


Jared Jackson’s efforts towards the athletics program at Southwestern has been part of what makes being a Bulldog so great.

What it Takes to Make a Team, Josh Collins

By Grant Crews


Josh Collins stands out even among the exceptional individuals on staff at SWOSU. Josh Collins is not only the Head Volleyball Coach, but is also the Director of Gameday Operations. After being an Assistant coach in 2005 not only for the basketball team, but the volleyball team as well, he graduated with a bachelors in 2006, and then a masters degree of SPorts Management in 2008.


Since becoming  Head Volleyball Coach in 2012, Collins has 83-109 record. He has lead the volleyball team to a top four spot in the Great American Conference three times, as well as having won the GAC championship in 2015. Coach Collins has also coached 14 recipients of GAC honors, as well as five players who made the GAC All Tournament Team.


Coaching hasn't been his only role at SWOSU, however. As Director of Gameday Operations, Collins has brought a rise in general fan enthusiasm. As of 2015, SWOSU volleyball ranked number one overall for fan attendance, and for the last three years has always been ranked top three for Division 2 NCAA volleyball seasons.


Josh Collins has brought a lot to the cour from being a Bulldog, and we are grateful to have him.

What it Takes to Make a Team, Edwin Detweiler

By Grant Crews


Everyone enjoys supporting their favorite team, but not everyone knows what goes behind making that team. Not only the manpower and hours the athletes spend, but the coaches, support staff, relatives, and many other personnel who pour their lives into these teams. “What it Takes to Make a Team” will be a series of articles going over these hard working people that make your favorite sports so enjoyable.   


The first profile for this series will be of SWOSU’s Head Athletic Trainer

Edwin Detweiler. Detweiler has been helping athletes stay in their best possible shape here at Southwestern since August of 2010. He describes his job as “Preventing injuries and helping athletes recover and rehabilitate.” For such a tall order, Edwin has a staff of two full time assistants, and three graduate assistants to oversee the whole athletic department of Southwestern.


Although a non-athlete on campus may not be very familiar with Edwin Detweiler, they very likely have seen him at sports events. He focuses on the football team during their season, and will always be with the team on the sidelines of football games,  standing ready at any moment for accidents on the field. He's in his office before the office day starts, preparing paperwork and getting ready for student athletes to start their treatments. During the phone interview for this article, he even asked to call back so as to finish treatment with an athlete.


So what drive Edwin to go so far for his team? “The relationships built with athletes and training staff” is what he describes as fulfilling about his job as a trainer. He is always striving to make lasting connections with his staff and students. His advice to the athletes who come through his door is always the same. “Make the most of your time [as a student athlete], and take care of your body.” Edwin Detweiler is one of many people that makes the sports of SWOSU run at very peak performance.