• Sloane Sivewright

Absentee ballot party on Tuesday, Oct. 20

Polling issues for students have been made simple with absentee ballots.

The Dean of Students is hosting an absentee ballot party Tuesday, Oct. 20, from 5-7 p.m. This event will take place at the General Thomas P. Stafford Center, Room 110.

“It’s open to anyone on campus, trying to get them to understand the process of absentee ballot, especially encouraging those who are not registered in Weatherford or in the state,” said Lesley Alvarado, coordinator of Student Activities.

An overview of what the ballot looks like and how to request one will be happening. Printed applications will also be available, and once filled out, the dean will mail those for students. Individuals will need to bring their driver’s license or know their Social Security numbers.

Requesting an absentee ballot assists those who are unable to make it to their polling location. Once an absentee ballot is sent, that person’s vote is cast. Students who are out of state can use this voting method to continue voting participation.

“With the new encouragement to use this service for the November election, we don’t want students to miss out on this important opportunity,” Alvarado said.

This event eases the absentee process for students and creates a resource directly on campus. There is a strong possibility to make this absentee ballot party recurring to guarantee students the means to vote for local, state, and national elections.

Many students are living away from home, so a push for opportunities for the entire student body is important because “We know there’s a lot of students that are out of town,” Alvarado said.

“For instance, a lot of our CAB students will be out of town students because we offer out-of-state tuition waivers."

According to Alvarado, the Dean of Students “hustles every year to encourage voting, registering and voter turnout for young adults.” Campus events such as the absentee voting party generates awareness that students otherwise may not know.

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