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Back to SWOSU - school and community pride remain unaltered

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

The pride for and from SWOSU has remained throughout time.

Photos By: Melissa Javorsky

By Kiersten Stone

Campus Life Editor

Students returned to SWOSU for the fall 2020 semester on August 17 as classes resumed once again. However, the semester would begin with multiple changes.

Students are now required to wear masks on campus while social distancing. Zoom classes have been made an option in all possible classes. There has been sheets of plexiglass installed throughout campus, along with bottles of germ-x stationed by every doorway for student use.

One thing that remained the same, though, was the community of and around SWOSU. The city of Weatherford and the university came together to hold an event called Bulldog Strong.

The event was held on Main Street. It included free hot dogs and free ice cream. There were games that could be played while social distancing. There was also a raffle for a chance to win one of five $1,000 scholarships.

“It has been an interesting first week, but I am proud of the students, my colleagues, and everyone I work with. I am proud of the students for being responsible, wearing their masks, and listening to recommendations. I am proud of the faculty for helping students and for all their efforts,” Joshua Engle, Dean of Students, said.

The pride for and from SWOSU has remained throughout time.

“Keeping the community safe is a priority; we’re all Bulldogs. Week one was a success given the circumstances and the responses,” Engle said.

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