• Kiersten Stone

Beta Upsilon Chi at SWOSU

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

By Kiersten Stone

Campus Life Editor

Beta Upsilon Chi is the newest fraternity to SWOSU. It was established on campus in October 2019. There are currently 15 active members.

BYX was founded in the verse Psalm 133:1. They are a lifelong brotherhood of committed Christian men seeking the bonds of brotherhood and unity in Christ through the avenue of social fraternity on a college campus.

“BYX stands out due to our commitment to unity in Christ. We strive to grow college boys into well-rounded men, and we seek to provide an alternative to the modern fraternal lifestyle,” Brendan Harrison, president of BYX, said.

Throughout the year, BYX hosts open parties and mixers with the various sororities on campus. They are also working to introduce several philanthropy events to campus that will help donate to their national philanthropy of Living Waters International.

For additional information for those interested, follow BYX on Instagram @swosubyx

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