• Johannes Becht

Court records show what happened during Campus North shooting

Updated: May 6

By Johannes Becht

News Editor

A shooting between Kingsley Ehigie Ehiemua and Zackery Gilbert at Campus North apartments put the whole SWOSU campus in a 40-minutes lockdown on Tuesday afternoon. But what exactly happened?

The incident took place outside. According to court documents, Kingsley Ehiemua shot Zackery Gilbert in the back and upper arm. Gilbert returned the fire and shot Ehiemua. The reason for Ehiemua shooting Gilbert is not quiet clear, though. The document describes it as "without jusifiable or excusable cause." Officially, it was a First Degree Robbery. Rumors, however, indicate that it could have been a failed drug deal.

Ehiemua then fled the scene, together with his accomplice Damien Davis who allegedly was present at the scene.

Antajaun Brown and Jamal Jeffers, both SWOSU football players, were in a nearby apartment when the shots were fired. Shortly after, Brown opened the door of his apartment to find Ehiemua and Damien Davis running to his door.

Antajaun and Davis tried to stop Ehiemua’s bleeding for approximately 5 minutes before deciding to take him to the hospital, the records show.

Antajaun and Davis loaded Ehiemua into the car and were about to drive off when they were approached by police and ordered to exit the vehicle.

Kingsley Ehigie Ehiemua has been charged with First Degree Robbery, Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, and Conspiracy to Commit a Felony. In the worst case, he faces up to 30 years in prison.

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