• Wilbur Young

New organization: Student Diversity League

By Wilbur Young

For The Southwestern

The Student Diversity League is a new on-campus organization that was established June 2020, making this the organization's first semester at SWOSU. It was created with the focus on helping to educate people both on-campus and off-campus if needed.

The organization plans to meet at least twice a month on Thursdays. SDL is also planning to host around three events per month on the SWOSU campus. The organization has a set goal to launch its first event Sept. 25, with the focus being Bisexual Awareness Day.

A Student Diversity League spokesperson, Sam Cowan, said the group does not yet have a logo, but they are in the process of finalizing a mission statement.

The presumed mission statement is:

"To provide a voice to minority students and to make our campus an environment that protects and encourages diversity. To create awareness in members and the community on social and humanitarian issues on campus and around the world. To advocate for and be actively supporting of social and humanitarian issues on campus and around the world."

The SDL is always open for new members who wish to apply. Students can find the application to apply on SDL's Instagram bio (@Swosu_SDL).

Cowan said SDL is excited to see what the future holds and how their voice can make an impact on and off campus.

One of SDL's major accomplishments since beginning this year, Cowan said, is the Black Lives Matter T-shirt fundraiser. If interested in purchasing a T-shirt, contact the president of the organization, Ellah Alcuitas at 580-235-8093.

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