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Spotlight: Sigma Sigma Chi - the oldest sorority on campus

By Kiersten Stone

Campus Life Editor

Sigma Chi is the oldest sorority on campus. It was established at SWOSU on January 16, 1991.

Sigma was founded on the principles to expand friends through making new acquaintances and sisters, to expand knowledge through college education and experiences, to give of one’s self, time, and effort to better the lives of others through community and social services, and to be responsible to all in leading sisters towards goals in which they strive.

There are currently 38 active members in Sigma Sigma Chi.

Events that they host throughout the year are Moms Day, Dads Day, formal, mixers with other sororities and fraternities, philanthropies, homecoming, fall retreat, Founders Day and a summer meeting. They also participate around campus by going to sporting events to cheer on SWOSU athletes and participating in the Relay for Life that is held on campus. They also have multiple girls that are in different organizations around campus.

“This is where I have found my forever friends. I think the friendships are what make us stand out in comparison, because you will always have someone to always have your back,” Shayla Clark, president of Sigma Sigma Chi, said.

Additional information for those who may be interested in Sigma can follow along on Sigma’s social media accounts, including those of Instagram @sigmasigmachi, Twitter @SWOSUEEX, and Facebook. Students can also check out the Sigma Sigma Chi website.

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