• Zion Fitzpatrick

Student Success Center - How to slow down and prevent burnout

By Zion Fitzpatrick

For The Southwestern

Being a college student can be mentally and physically tiring.

The staff in the Student Success Center may have a solution to help out the students on campus. Academic coach Cable Jacobsen is hosting a workshop called, “Burnout: A Workshop on Slowing Down.” This is the first year that the workshop is being offered.

The purpose of this workshop is to promote health among students and to help them not get significant damage from overworking themselves.

“This workshop is needed because so many times students don't know how to pace themselves when doing work,” Jacobsen said. “Rather than putting the work evenly, the glorification of working really hard can be a double-edged sword. While it is commendable to work hard and do well with your work, it is not good to sacrifice self-care and your health to complete that work.”

The event will be held in-person and on Zoom. The Student Success Center has fliers advertising the Zoom link, but students can also come to Parker Hall, Room 210, to attend the workshop. Jacobsen is in charge of this specific event, but each academic coach has his or her own workshops they plan for and present.

Jacobson encourages any students who feel overwhelmed with school, their personal life, or anything else that has a negative impact on them to attend the workshop.

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