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SWOSU hosts Presidential Debate watch party

Updated: Jan 8

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By Clay Jacobs


On Sept. 29, Southwestern Oklahoma State University hosted a Presidential Debate watch party in Stewart Hall on the Weatherford campus. This was the first of three debates set to take place between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The debate topics that evening included issues concerning COVID-19, the Supreme Court, race and violence in America, the candidates' personal records, and the overall integrity of this year's election.

SWOSU students were able to watch the debate in the lobby of Stewart Hall via a live stream.

Although the overall attendance of the event was lacking (18 people showed up), those who did attend seemed to take a keen interest in the debate and remained present throughout the entire six segments.

When initially asked why she decided to show up to the debate watch party, Maurtina Bailey (freshman) explained, "My government teacher wanted us to watch it because we have a quiz on Thursday. Otherwise, I would be in bed."

Another student, Tara-Sue Williams (freshman), had other reasons for attending the watch party.

"Our wonderful RAs at Stewart Hall put up some really cute flyers that said, 'have a date with the Presidential Debate,' and that actually sounded kind of interesting and a little more fun, rather than, you know, scary," said Williams.

When asked if she would have watched the debate prior to being informed through the Stewart Hall flyers, Williams commented, "I probably would've [watched the debate] because I like to know what is going on, but it was definitely nice to have Stewart Hall doing this."

Both Bailey and Williams stayed for the duration of the debate.

When asked about her opinion of how well the candidates did, Bailey said, "Neither of them really did well on it... I didn't really hear their clear point on it [the debate topics]."

With the 2020 November Election approaching rapidly, debates such as these will play a significant role in convincing voters to decide upon a presidential candidate. For many SWOSU students, this will be the first time they will be able to vote in a presidential election.

Some students, such as freshman Mackenzie Dyer, are eager to place their vote.

Although she has never voted before, Dyer took the initiative to get registered for this upcoming election. "I have never voted before," said Dyer. "I [registered] by myself. Unfortunately, the court house closed around my birthday, but as soon as they opened up again, I was like, okay, time to go."

As the 2020 November Election draws nearer, SWOSU students who are looking to actively participate in this year's political decisions are encouraged to take the plunge and get registered to vote.

SWOSU has even teamed up with a software called Turbovote to help guide students through the voter registration process. Additional information regarding Turbovote at SWOSU can be found by following the provided link.

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