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SWOSU President Randy Beutler announces retirement

SWOSU Students, Faculty, Staff & Administration,

I want you to know what an honor and privilege it has been for me to serve as president of this fine institution for the past 11 years.  It does not seem that it has been that long, but it is a tremendous pleasure and honor for me to serve this university.

SWOSU is a special place and always will be in my heart and soul.  That is why it is somewhat bittersweet that I inform you of my decision to retire from leadership of this great institution effective June 30, 2021.

It is a decision that I have contemplated for over a year and that I did not arrive at lightly.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time leading this wonderful institution, but the time has come for me to make a change in my life.  I want to inform you of this decision personally before the public announcement is made today. 

You—the students, faculty, staff and administration—are the reason this university is such a successful institution of higher education.  You are the reason this place is often regarded as the most prestigious higher education regional institution in the nation.

As I prepare to take my leave in June, 2021, please know that I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to serve and am well satisfied that the future of SWOSU is bright!

Standing firmly on the hill top,

Clearly outlined ‘neath the blue,

Emblem of the best and noblest,

Alma Mater true.

Randy Beutler

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