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SWOSU student steps-up, organizes off-campus intramural season

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Students turn to off-campus basketball league in lieu of on-campus intramurals.

Kelly Young - SWOSU student and Great Plains Family YMCA Sports Coordinator

By Clay Jacobs


With the cancellation of on-campus intramurals this year due to COVID-19, Southwestern Oklahoma State University student Kelly Young took matters into his own hands, organizing an off-campus men's basketball league at the Great Plains Family YMCA in Weatherford.

When asked why he took the initiative to start the league, Young, who is a marketing major at SWOSU, said, "I feel like with COVID, we're all stuck just doing nothing for a while, and this was an easy opportunity to get SWOSU students to be able to come out and play basketball."

Currently, eight teams are competing in the men's league. The games are held every Monday and Wednesday evening, with four teams playing per night. The league is utilizing both the front and back gyms to run two games simultaneously.

If SWOSU continues to limit recreational activities in the Wellness Center next semester, Young mentioned that there's a possibility that the league could indeed stick around for another season. However, with only one referee per court, there could be some slight changes.

"If SWOSU doesn't [open up the Wellness Center for intramurals], we'll probably make it a little more expensive so that we can get two refs to make it a lot easier... but, if SWOSU doesn't [have intramurals], we'll definitely consider doing it again."

For the current league, team registration was $90 for the entire season. Young initially decided to have only one referee per court in order to keep operating costs down. If the league plans to have two referees per court next year, registration costs will be higher.

Young has been the sports coordinator at the Great Plains Family YMCA since being promoted last December. He began working at "The Y" in Oct. 2019, where he originally landed a job in the daycare department.

After being asked about his future career ambitions, the marketing major said, "I want to stick with youth sports, that's the hope."

Check out the video interview below:

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