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The new Senate of SWOSU's Student Government Association

Updated: May 6

By Rachel Masson

News Reporter

With the new school year comes new Student Government Association (SGA) senators. The elections were held on Tuesday, Sept. 1 through Canvas. Students were able to vote between 8 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. from one of three Colleges, of which their major resides in: College of Professional & Graduate Studies, College of Arts & Sciences, and College of Pharmacy.

Voters could vote for up to five people per college.

The winners were announced on Thursday, Sept. 3, and are as follows:

College of Professional & Graduate Studies: Kaylyn Yancey, Cassidy Moore, Emily Kauk, August Bell, Hannah Miller, Sabrina Hughbanks, Hannah Dirickson, Tate Kimbo, Leslie Chavez, Kaitlyn Clark, Taelor Pruitt, Ashley Grybowski, Trevor Gentry, Tate Buster, Lauren Bryce, Callie Smith, Cameron Albright, Grayson Butcher, Madison Koepke, Taylor Secrest, Abby Mendoza, Lauren Mandakunis, Carson Liticker, Matt Milner, Levi Buehre, John Chirchir, Camryn Nikel, Maddie Dooley, Rachel Sweet, Madi Hoyt, Isaiah Brown, and Kaylie Esparza

College of Arts & Sciences: Jordan Valenzuela, Hannah Budde, Olga Castaneda, Randi Lee Troglin, Elah Alcuitas, Abigail Rice, Ashtyn McAdoo, Emily Do, Natalee Karcher, Shayla Miller, Ashlin Murray, Lauren Bullard, and Ryan Agyemang

College of Pharmacy: Bryce Focht, Dean Mccauley, Mackenzie Boykin, and Richard Ly

Natalie Kinder, SGA President, sat down for an interview on Wednesday, Sept. 2 to talk about the new, or returning representatives, and what will be expected of them.

“During a typical week for a senator, they’ll come into weekly senate on Tuesday’s at 6 p.m. in Stafford 104,” Kinder explained. “Anybody’s welcome to come, but senators have a vote in matters.”

Kinder also stated that there are certain cabinet members in SGA that deal with different decisions, including those such as SWOSU Palooza, homecoming, public relations, etc. During the first meeting, the new senators will divide up into the cabinets that they are interested in.

The purpose for student senators is to give other students a voice in what happens around the school. Senators are able to listen to their friends, relay the message to their specific cabinet member, and then bring those messages up to the president.

Although elections recently ended, it is not too late to become a senator. For students who missed out on running, they could potentially become a senator. If an elected senator decides that Student Senate is too much of a time commitment, then the senator will contact Kinder to let her know of their decision. After that, a list will be made of prospective senators to be the replacement(s). The prospective senators will then come before the student senate and state why they want to be a senator.

If a student is interested and would like to still try to  be apart of Student Senate, contact Kinder at kindern@student.swosu.edu for more information.

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