• Kiersten Stone

Zeta Phi at SWOSU

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

By Kiersten Stone

Campus Life Editor

Zeta Phi is one of the sororities on campus. It was founded at SWOSU in April 2002.

"Zeta stands out because it empowers the independence and individuality of each girl. It makes a home away from home," Montana Kieth, president of Zeta Phi, said.

Zeta was founded on the purpose to develop and better the lives of respectable women by utilizing community service, friendship, and campus involvement. Their motto is "In sisterly love, be your best self."

Zeta participates in and hosts events such as date parties, Mom’s and Dad’s Day, mixers, homecoming, formals, sisterhoods, fundraisers, community service, Greek Week, Bonding Week, and philanthropy events.

They currently have 31 active members within the sorority.

For more information, follow Zeta on Instagram and Twitter @SWOSUZETAPHI or like the Facebook page Zeta Phi.

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