• Johannes Becht

81 COVID-19 cases: What the SWOSU Administration says

By Johannes Becht

News Editor

With the SWOSU Administration announcing an alarming rise in COVID-19 cases on the Weatherford campus, the question of closing the campus is not far from the surface.

More and more professors are reporting that students have to stay at home, either because they are infected, or because they have to isolate due to exposure to a person that has tested positive. The Bulldog Beanery was closed due to a shortage of student workers.

What does the SWOSU Administration say?

"Our percentage of students that have tested positive is a really low number considering we have 4,900 students," Brian Adler, Vice President of Public Relations & Marketing, says. "Universities across Oklahoma and the nation are also seeing spikes in numbers."

SWOSU does not intend to close campus as of now

Adler: "We will continue to monitor [and] to follow our protocols and have students isolate. We will continue working to get that number down and encourage students to continue wearing masks, social distance and wash hands often—when they are on campus and also when they are off campus."

In an email to SWOSU students on Tuesday, President Randy Beutler said: "We are currently experiencing a rise in positive cases transmitted by persons who were exposed during Labor Day Weekend and other activities on and off campus. (...) We want to remain open to classes in-person, but much of that is up to you."

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