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A typical day in the Wellness Center

By Micah Waters

Dawg Tales staff writer

The Wellness Center is an oft-trodden hub for many a SWOSU student.

The students that are aware of its grandeur know that everything in the joint is free-of-charge. That's right, from basketballs to weights to exercise equipment to the rock climbing wall, students can fulfill almost any physical inhibition for only the price of his or her time.

On a typical day, basketball pick-ip games can be seen being played anywhere from noon to 10 pm. There are no refs, no scorekeepers, no jerseys; just each player's word an the fact that if your team wins, you control the court.

On a typical day, a bevy of students utilize the array of treadmills, stationary bikes resistance machines, and free weights. Available are several glamorous views of campus, with windows overlooking ASAP Energy Field and various classroom buildings.

On a typical day, dozens of students traverse the second floor running track, possibly training for a 5k, but probably sweating off the weekend's intake.

On a typical day, not many students are found scaling the rock wall. It proves too treacherous for some-- elementary for others.

Soon to be on a typical day are indoor intramurals. Players and spectators are sure to fill the floors nearly every evening as basketball, volleyball, and indoor soccer are quickly to commence.

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