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Active COVID-19 cases at SWOSU decrease

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Active COVID-19 cases at SWOSU decreased from 134 to 72.

The worst is over - for now: This chart shows the development of COVID-19 cases at SWOSU since August 20..

By Johannes Becht

News Editor

After two weeks with a massive increase in COVID-19 cases at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, the numbers this week experienced a significant drop. "Only" 72 total active cases were reported by the administration on Tuesday, Oct 6.

Among those 72 total cases, there are 3 employees and 2 Sayre students who were tested positive.

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Fact: The latest numbers will certainly ease fears among authorities, students, and faculty/staff. Not only a few were and are worried about a once-again campus closure, and not only a few professors informed their students about the possibility of moving online, at least partially.

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