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Active shooter alert at SWOSU: Dangerous situation, responsible behavior

Updated: Apr 11

Hiding students in the cafeteria. Photo: Johannes Becht.
Hiding students in the cafeteria. Photo: Johannes Becht.

An editorial by Johannes Becht

News Editor

Active shooter at SWOSU - not only a few students who received that text message on Tuesday afternoon, 5:36 p.m., inevitably had to think about past mass shootings in the United States: in Las Vegas, in an Orlando nightclub, in churches, in schools.

It's no shame to go crazy in such a situation. It's no shame to freak out.

But it didn't happen.

I was one of the students who were in the cafeteria. And believe me - seeing literally every student in the room looking at their phones at the same time and simultaneously getting up is scary. The moment you realize that something is not right. It is a non-describable feeling. I realized how easy it would be to lose control in such a situation.

Following the 40-minutes lockdown, I spoke with students and campus authorities, such as Jamie Thomas, supervisor in the cafeteria, or Radonna Sawatzky, Director of Food Services. They all were excited about how fast everybody responded and how quickly they were able to secure the building and the students.

I can only confirm that. Within seconds most students had gotten up and moved towards the back area of the cafeteria. They remained calm throughout the whole lockdown, as well as the employees did.

In the end, it is highly probable that there was no real threat to any of us. By the time the SWOSUalert was sent, the situation was likely already under control (police was called 13 minutes earlier). But SWOSU took precaution, and we all did show on that day that we are indeed prepared for future incidents.

We all can be proud of ourselves!

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