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Additional season for athletes - and what they think about it

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has suspended all remaining winter and spring sport championships.

By Rachel Masson

For The Southwestern

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the NCAA has suspended all remaining winter and spring sport championships. Many athletes from multiple sports such as basketball, track, baseball, and so on were left devastated that they did not have a chance to finish, or in some cases, even really start their seasons.

This decision left many wondering what was to happen of their seasons until the NCAA announced that the “Division I Council voted to allow schools to provide spring-sport student-athletes an additional season of competition and an extension of their period of eligibility.” This vote was an important decision, especially for student-athletes who were in their senior or final year of competition.

Elah Alcuitas. Photo: SWOSU athletics.

SWOSU’s Elah Alcuitas is a sophomore on the track team.

“It sucks knowing that we put in all this hard work during the off-season and indoor season without being able to compete in any outdoor meets,” she said about suspension, “but calling off the rest of sporting events was the responsible thing to do and I think most of us understand that. There’s always next season for us, but I feel really bad for the seniors though.”

Jenna Noel, a freshman tennis player at Oklahoma Baptist University, thinks the impact will be different depending on the sports involved.

“For tennis, no, since we play outside,” Noel said, “but for sports like football and basketball that have large crowds in small spaces, (the NCAA) might need to limit how many people are in a given area.”

Kim Moosbacher gained the additional eligibility, but isn’t sure what she will do with it.

“I will still graduate this spring, but another year of eligibility gives me the chance to do a masters while playing college tennis,” Moosbacher said. “The best thing for me was to look for a position at a different university and not where I was the past four years.”

Although seniors are getting the opportunity to come back and compete, some are choosing not to because of multiple reasons such as not getting to play with longtime friends and teammates.

Other student-athletes like Moosbacher are returning to their sport so they can play more.

Whatever the reason may be, senior spring-sport student-athletes know they have another opportunity.

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