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Bulldogs & Beyond: Interview with Stephen McTeer

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Stephen McTeer has been the Voice of the Bulldogs these last two years.

Stephen McTeer (left) and Greydon Buhlig. Photo provided by SWOSU athletics.
Stephen McTeer (left) and Greydon Buhlig. Photo provided by SWOSU athletics.

By Greydon Buhlig

For The Southwestern

Stephen McTeer has been the Voice of the Bulldogs these last two years and is a great friend of mine. He watched the Lady Dawgs make it all the way to the National Championship game this last season, saw softball beat the No. 1 team in Arkansas Tech, and a plethora of other awesome events that the athletic teams at SWOSU have given us. We discussed the crazy times, the Super Bowl, where his Chiefs beat the 49’ers 31-20, and how sports will be back soon.

“I didn’t watch any of the pre-game coverage, neither did Doug (Self) ... 85% of the game was meh, and we had waited our entire lives for a quarterback like Patrick Mahomes, and I don’t think we ever thought we would actually see the Chiefs win a Super Bowl.”

When McTeer spoke about the game, you can see his face light up, the emotion, the passion he has for this team. It is something sports fans dream of, and when it happens, it is the reason we root for our teams. The National Football League Draft took place this past weekend. The Chiefs selected Clyde Edwards-Helaire with the final pick in the first round. He was one of the best running backs to come out of college last season and is very versatile. This pick is huge as the Chiefs already have a great running back in Damien Williams, this just adds to their chances at bringing home another Lombardi Trophy.

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When he talked about his favorite moments and he mentioned the Royals winning the championship and the Kansas Jayhawks winning the championship in 2008, the SWOSU Lady Dawgs going to the National Championship game is one of his top moments, along with other moments during his time at SWOSU.

“I have one from every sport really, for football it was when they were beating Ouchita Baptist, who was a top-five team in the country at the time, and loss aside, that was all the validation I needed to know the program was heading in the right direction… soccer winning the Great American Conference Championship and getting to step into an analyst role for the GAC Sports Network and call a sport I loved … and tell why everything was happening. Basketball is obvious, Taber Beer’s buzzer beater against Central Missouri with four of the greatest players in SWOSU history on the floor, and it is a coach’s kid from Hammond who buries a three was just unbelievable.”

He got me thinking. I was able to play football for two seasons at SWOSU, but I was a part of something bigger. The teams at SWOSU were competing for championships in a lot of sports. Baseball has been to the championship game for several years now, softball was getting things going, both rodeo teams are competing at very high levels.

This past season, the men’s basketball team won more games than they had the previous three seasons combined. The women’s golf team had a player compete for a national championship. So the last 3 years, SWOSU has been competing at high levels across the board. It made me proud to be a Bulldog.

McTeer talked about what he missed most, and it wasn’t really sports. It was not being able to just go and do. Right now, everything is locked down. You can’t go out on a Friday night.

“There is nothing to look forward to,” McTeer said. “fortunately golf courses are still open, so I’m alive.”

Sports is missed, of course, but it isn’t as dire as it used to be. The world misses sports. This is not a normal situation, but I have seen more and more content of families coming together and being in the moment. That is something I believe the world needed. To live in the moment. Not worry about tomorrow or what is to come, but to be with who you are around and enjoy this time. Sports will be back, but let us all remember that sports isn’t everything. It is who you’re with, the people, the relationships we have, that is what matters in the long run.

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