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Bulldogs & Beyond: Softball Preview with Kim Maher

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Hard work, education, future: A talk with Softball coach Kim Maher.

Kim Maher. Photo provided.
Kim Maher. Photo provided.

By Greydon Buhlig

For The Southwestern

SWOSU softball head coach Kim Maher and I were able to sit down and discuss the turn-around she has brought to SWOSU. From two 11th place finishes in her second and third years here, then cracking the GAC tournament and winning the coach of the year in the GAC last season, Maher has taken the SWOSU softball team to new heights.

“Four years, but it seems a lot longer,” Maher said about her time here. “I don’t like to play just to play. I want to win, and changing the culture here was my first job. Just making sure everyone has the same vision as me.”

Maher spoke about how here at SWOSU, it’s about hard work and effort; it isn’t necessarily about how much stuff you get, or the facilities. It is about a solid work ethic and, as she emphasized, graduating.

At the Division II level, it is not a guarantee that you will make it to the professional level, so you have to figure out what it is that you want to do with your life after it is over. For an athlete who has played their sport for the majority of their lives, this isn’t an easy transition.

Maher discussed how she wants her athletes to learn as much as possible then go out and be great people.

The team is ready

The season begins with the UCO and OC Tournament, and Maher knows her team is ready.

“My team is just ready to play someone else,” Maher commented on her players. “This tournament will give us a good idea of where we are at, who’s a gamer (someone who does well in games, and not just practice players), where we need to improve, or where we are great at.”

The Dawgs will open up conference play at SEOSU on Feb. 21 and will play a four-game matchup over two days. The first time to catch them at home will be following week against UAM Feb. 28.

“Please come out and support the Bulldogs,” Maher called out the Bulldog family to get out and come cheer on the teams, “If it isn’t softball, let it be baseball, but remember to bundle up as it is always cold and windy!”

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