• Wilbur Young

CAB - the Collegiate Activities Board at SWOSU

By Wilbur Young

For The Southwestern

Collegiate Activities Board, is a group of volunteers who plan, create, and administer free activities to SWOSU students all around campus.

The organization was brought to the SWOSU campus with the purpose of entertaining students who need a break from a long week, informing students about important social issues, and to give away free prizes through contests throughout the year.

CAB meets at 5 p.m. Tuesdays in the Gen. Thomas P. Stafford Center located on the SWOSU campus.

The members usually try to plan and host three or four events a month. The yearly CAB retreat is the organization's main event and one of the biggest events around campus.

All events have flyers posted a week prior to the events around campus. Students can also check out the SWOSU calendar on the website.

Students that are interested in becoming a member must be enrolled at SWOSU, then fill out the CAB application. They must also maintain a 2.5 GPA.

One of the benefits that students gain from joining the Collegiate Activities Board is after completing 40 hours of community service, they receive an out-of-state tuition waiver for the following semester.

Students also benefit by getting involved in the SWOSU community and making friends while receiving free food and prizes.

Co-director Breanna Jones said “Getting to know more about the international students,“ was one of her favorite things about being co-director of the organization. She said her biggest accomplishment within the organization since joining was the success of the Bulldog Blitz Talent Show.

Students can find more information by contacting the CAB office 580-774-3767. The organization also has social media platforms such as Facebook (SwosucollegiateActivitesBoard) and Instagram (Swosucab) where you can learn more about the organization and each event.

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