• Kylie Eaton

After shooting at Campus North: How to keep yourself safe

Updated: Apr 11

By Kylie Eaton

For The Southwestern

Following the recent shooting on campus, it’s important to remember the campus’ shooting safety and security.

Colleges and universities go to great lengths to protect their students. Whether you’re a college freshman or a seasoned upperclassman, there are ways to keep yourself safe on campus.

Some of the following campus safety tips should help ease students minds while on campus:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings when walking on campus. If you’re out on your own, you should never put yourself in a compromising position by being inebriated or distracted on your phone. Victims of attack often look confused, lost, distracted, or in need of help.

  2. Avoid walking alone, particularly at night. Moving as a pack of friends can give you more power because it is harder to attack a large group of people than an individual.

  3. Let people know where you’re going. If possible, always share your location with somebody you trust. Just in case.

  4. Get to know your roommates and neighbors. This is an especially important tip if you are living on your own for the first time. One of the best things you can do is to simply be friendly with your roommates and neighbors.

  5. Always opt-in to get campus alert texts sent to your phone. It’s the fastest way to find out whenever there is an incident on campus.

One of the most innovative ways to stay in touch and stay alert are safety apps. Most safety apps operate on the same principle: They use different methods to alert police, a group of emergency contacts or a monitoring service with your GPS location.

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