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Chinese Lunar New Year celebrated at SWOSU

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

"Celebration of Asian American culture": The Chinese Lunar New Year also took place at SWOSU.

The Lunar New Year was celebrated with drums and colors. Photos & video: Melissa Javorsky

By Zion Fitzpatrick

For The Southwestern

Gong Hei Fat Choy! This means Happy New Year in Chinese.

The Asian American Student Association held its annual Lunar Chinese New Year Celebration in the Student Center Tuesday, Feb.25.

Freshman Andrew Trieu, vice president of AASA, was excited about his first year hosting the event.

“This festivity is a celebration of Asian American culture for the students on campus who are from different places than us to experience,” Trieu said.

Club members were ecstatic about sharing their culture with the students on campus. Due to SWOSU’s diversity on campus, students from all across the world will get the chance to see how Asian’s celebrate their national holiday.

Dragon Dance and Dumplings

During the Chinese New Year, Asians celebrate in many different ways. They cook dumplings to bring in good luck for the new year. There are many dances they perform such as the Dragon Dance, where many people would come together and put on a dragon suit and dance. There is the Fan Dance, typically for women. Celebrants would also pop loud firecrackers similar to American culture on New Year’s Eve when the clock strikes midnight.

During this event, the club performs the Fan and Lion dances. A variety of Chinese dishes were on hand as well as challenges such as “The Hot Ramen” where people will challenge others to see just how long they can take the heat from spicy ramen noodles.

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