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How do you experience Covid-19?

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

The coronavirus can now be found almost everywhere on Earth. How are you dealing with this situation? Write us! Photo provided by Unsplash.

By Johannes Becht

News Reporter

COVID-19 keeps having a big impact on Americans and SWOSU students. Classes have been shifted to online delivery for the rest of Spring Semester 2020 while essential parts of the campus such as Food Services remain open.

The Southwestern wants to know how SWOSU students experience this extreme situation. Do you stay at home or do you stay on campus? What impacts does the corona pandemic have on your life and how are you dealing with them?

The Southwestern is looking for your stories!

Send us an email via mediaswosu@gmail.com or use the form on this page. You can attach pictures and videos via email or via our social media.

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Thank you - and stay healthy!

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