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What SWOSU students think about COVID-19 vaccinations

Editor-in-Chief Clay Jacobs speaks with Darryle Trammell regarding his COVID-19 vaccination

By Emilie Kemp

News Reporter

With the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine in the United States, there has been speculation amongst different parties regarding the safety and effectiveness of the proposed vaccine. This week, The Southwestern investigated the thoughts of fellow students on whether or not they would take the vaccine and their reasoning behind their decisions.

Darryle Trammell, a member of the army, was offered the opportunity to receive the vaccine and has already had both rounds.

“It’s supposed to fight COVID. I got it because if it works, we won’t have to worry about COVID anymore,” Trammell said.

Along with Trammell, Candelyn Kitchens has already received the vaccine. “I worked at a nursing home over winter break, so I was offered the vaccine.”

Kitchens' mother also works in a nursing home, and her grandfather has health concerns. “For me, it’s about protecting other people, not just myself,” Kitchens said.

Makenzie Yates works at the SWOSU Bulldog Beanery. “I think I would get it, so I won’t compromise any of my family or peers,” Yates said.

When asked if she knew of anyone who was against the vaccine, she said "no," but did mention some hesitation among her family. “I have some family who are a little hesitant because it was made so quickly and they don’t understand the science behind it.”

Oklahoma will continue to distribute the vaccine to those who need it as quickly as possible to create a safer environment for the public.

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