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Cross Country hopeful for a season

Updated: Jan 31

Coach Jennifer Johnson

By Rachel Masson

News Reporter

With the postponement of all sports, the SWOSU Cross Country team is hopeful that they will get a season next semester, especially since it is a non-contact sport.

Coach Jennifer Johnson spoke about how the runners feel about having their sport take place during the second semester rather than the first.

“We were pretty much just joking about having to get warmer clothes,” Johnson said. “Their uniforms are just tank tops and spandex shorts. Luckily, I did get tights for track season, so at least we’re somewhat prepared for the weather.”

Since Johnson is the head coach for the cross country team as well as the track and field team, she’ll have to juggle each sport in the spring. However, the cross country and track teams will both have modified seasons.

“Pretty much our spring semester is 14 weeks long,” Johnson said. “So, the first seven weeks will be cross country season and the last seven weeks will be track season.”

Usually, track has an indoor season as well as an outdoor season, but with this new format, cross country might affect the track and field team having an indoor season in that track may not have one at all.

“I’ve talked to a couple of the other coaches in our conference, and we’re all kind of in the same boat of confusion about indoor track,” Johnson said.

Another modification is when cross country will start its season.

“Cross country season starts, honestly, the week before school starts, and goes all the way to the end of October, with post-season kind of in November” Johnson explained. “Usually, we run about five meets, and then this year they (GAC) are saying our minimum is three meets.”

Although cross country is hopeful to get a season, its season will be shortened down to less meets in the spring than there would have been in the fall.

Nonetheless, Johnson is willing to do whatever is takes to have a season.

“I’m just excited that the girls get to have a season,” Johnson said. “Whatever we have to do to have a season, we’re happy to do it just because it’s better than not getting to do anything and missing a season. I hope everything works out and the track girls get to do indoor and outdoor, and cross country gets to do cross country.”

Although sports next semester is still skeptical, Johnson and the cross country team are doing everything they can to stay prepared.

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