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Delight organization at SWOSU

Updated: Mar 10

By Emilie Kemp

For The Southwestern

Every Thursday night from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m., the Delight organization holds a gathering for a time of community and union. During that time, there are games, small groups and a book study.

Elizabeth Hunt is the president of the Delight chapter here at SWOSU.

“I had followed Delight Ministries on social media since high school. I loved the community aspect that came along with Delight. When I was a junior in college, I lacked that community, so I decided to reach out to girls - some who I didn't know - and start it!”

As the president, Hunt oversees the other team leaders and is the communicator between the leaders and the Dean of Students. She helped start the Delight organization at SWOSU.

“The first Delight chapter was originally founded at Belmont University in Tennessee. It started as a small Bible study and grew to over 40 college women,” Hunt said. “Mackenzie Baker and Mackenzie Wilson, the original founders, wanted to see Delight on college campuses and founded Delight Ministries. They have now started nearly 200 Delight Chapters across the United States. SWOSU Delight was founded the fall semester of 2020 by seven SWOSU students.”

While Delight has its weekly meetings, it also has one service a month and two social events a month. The service events have been card writing, Operation Christmas Child, prayer walks and other events.

A few of the social events have been game nights, painting nights and holiday parties. This semester there will be a weekend long retreat. Delight's Mission Statement is to invite college women into Christ-centered community that fosters vulnerability and transforms stories.

Approximately 17 members come on a weekly basis and there have been as many as 30. Hunt encourages anyone to come check out this organization.

“We welcome everybody to come to our meetings!! If you are interested in coming or are looking for a community, regardless or background, race, religion, major, or anything, come visit us on Thursdays at 8:00 PM in Wellness Center 221.”

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