• Rachel Masson

Dorm events in times of COVID-19

Updated: May 6

By Rachel Masson

For The Southwestern

During the current fall semester, SWOSU’s resident advisors (RAs) have each held their own dorm events for their building’s residents. However, with COVID-19, the RAs had to change how their dorm events will be conducted.

Alyssa Bane, housing coordinator for Mann Hall, and Aaron Jeffreys, resident advisor for Mann South, spoke about the new ways that RA events will be held.

“Instead of having our RAs do two events,” Bane explained, “we will have them pair up and do one. They’re going to be a little different, because of COVID, but they will be doing some, just not near as many.”

Because the dorms will still have the RAs host events, the events will have to follow COVID-19 protocol. Social distancing will be encouraged, as well as trying to limit contact between students and sanitizing.

Jeffreys also mentioned that in order to practice social distancing, Mann Hall’s events will be held outside so that there is more room for larger numbers of people to come to the events.

Holding building-specific events is another new way that events will be held this semester. Some events will only be advertised for residents in a certain building, rather than open to every student.

“We’re not advertising every event in every building,” Bane said. “With COVID, [events] that we know are a bigger hit in their own specific building will not be advertised elsewhere.”

Although there will be events that will only be advertised to a certain building’s residents, Bane mentioned that if a student in another building hears about the event through a friend, the dorm building will not turn them away.

Bane also said that events will be held “pretty much” once every month.

“They are all kind of spread out by building and by [the] time [that] they’re available, so there’s about an event every month.”

Because there are new protocols, Jeffreys said that RAs have been challenged to “be creative” and “find new ways” to host their events.

“My event is a movie night, it’s like a drive-in,” Jeffreys explained. “We’ve got socially-distanced squares where people can come and sit with their friends.”

By having an event outside, such as a drive-in movie night, people can socially distance without the RAs having to worry about sanitization as much as they would if an event were to be held inside.

Another change is that food and snacks will not be at every event. Since food must now be pre-packaged in order to serve to students, not all events will have food and snacks (or not as much as before) in order to have smaller budgets for each event.

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