• Ethan Lesley

Esports: Tryouts and Tournament

Updated: Feb 16

By Ethan Lesley

For The Southwestern

The SWOSU Esports team held tryouts Saturday, Oct. 3, ahead of an Oklahoma-wide collegiate Esports tournament on Oct. 17.

The tryout had 22 participants competing to earn spots on the Super Smash Bros. team. Starting about 1 p.m,. the tournament included a winners and losers bracket.

The tryout was the first of three. The dates of the other two tryouts will be announced at a later date.

Of the 22 participants, Tanner McMullin, Clinton; Joseph Nguyen, Tulsa; and Ethan Abrahmson, Mustang; were chosen to compete in the tournament next Saturday.

The SWOSU Esports team will include Super Smash Bros., League of Legends, the latest Call of Duty game, and Rocket League, with more games to be added with consideration.

The tournament on Oct. 17 will be all virtual with SWOSU hosting the Super Smash Bros. portion.

“Our twitch channel, swosuesports, will be streaming the entirety of the tournament for everyone who wants to watch the tournament,” said Hayden Harrington, coach of the SWOSU Esports team.

Esports is the fastest-rising sport in the world, with the League of Legends world championship earning more views around the world than the Super Bowl and nearly as many as the FIFA World Cup of 2018.

SWOSU is on the forefront of the Esports scene in Oklahoma. Of the universities participating in the tournament on Oct. 17, SWOSU is one of the only schools with a school sponsored program and not a club team.

“The administration saw the Esports team as an opportunity to grow interest in coming to SWOSU, a lot of students on campus do not compete in sports here, and this is their sport. The upper admin was very supportive and on-board with the creation of the Esports team,” Harrington said.

A few years ago, Harrington saw the potential in the Esports scene here at SWOSU. With the computer club already having nearly 100 members who played competitive games, like League of Legends, he knew an Esports team could thrive in Weatherford.

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