• Johannes Becht

Further decrease in COVID-19 cases

By Johannes Becht

News Editor

COVID-19 cases at Southwestern Oklahoma State University finally seem to feed out. On Tuesday, Feb. 16, the SWOSU administration reported 15 positive cases.

Among them, there are 9 Weatherford students plus 1 Sayre student and 4 employees.

Two weeks ago, 32 people were infected with the coronavirus. One week ago, the number was 24.

This development goes hand in hand with a national and local trend that shows that less and less people are tested positive for COVID. The 7-day-average for active cases in the United States was 85,000 on Feb. 15 - compared with 230,000 a month before. In Oklahoma, the 7-day average was 1,300 on Feb. 15. On Jan. 15, it was 3,900.

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