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Getting to know Residence Life

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

With over a thousand students calling the Southwestern Oklahoma State University campus home, Residence Life plays a fundamental role in shaping the on-campus culture at SWOSU. At the forefront of this effort are the university’s Housing Coordinators and Residential Assistants (RAs).

Housing Coordinators and Residential Assistants manage the on-campus dorms and look after the well-being of residents while creating an inviting atmosphere.

“Our Residential Assistants seek to form a community, allowing students to socialize and bring awareness to things that both our RA’s and residents care about,” says Oklahoma Hall Housing Coordinator Gage Dowling.

Oklahoma Hall Housing Coordinator Gage Dowling

Throughout the semester, Resident Assistants are required to hold at least two events within their respective halls. These events could be anything from video game tournaments to recycling awareness events.

“The Residential Assistants get the supplies, manage the funding, and facilitate their respective events” says Dowling. “These tasks help build solid management skills within our Residential Assistants and allows them to get some real world experience under their belts.”

Many of the events held throughout the semester are determined through surveys given to

residents during the first week of classes.

Here is a list of upcoming events facilitated through Residence Life:

- September 26th: Res Life Movie Night: Toy Story 4 in the Fine Arts Auditorium @ 7 PM.

- September 26th: Home Run Derby in Neff Hall @ 6:30 PM

- September 27th: Free Breakfast Friday in Stewart Hall @ 8 AM - 9:30 AM.

- October 1st: Eat Spaghetti and Forgetti Your Regretti in Oklahoma Hall @ 7 PM

- October 1st: Fight Night (Wii Boxing) in Mann Hall @ 7 PM

*These events are open to all SWOSU students.

You can check out the Residence Life Facebook page for continued updates.

Are you interested in becoming a Residential Assistant in the future? Applications are taken every year. According to Dowling, “Housing Coordinators seek out individuals who have good character, management skills, and are dependable. Anyone can apply.”

Speaking from experience as a former RA himself, Dowling says “Becoming a Residential Assistant is a great resume builder. As an RA, you have the opportunity to build community within the dorms. You also get to meet a ton of people.”

With over 30 RAs currently employed at SWOSU, be on the lookout for new events being posted soon.

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