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Greek Life Rush Week

By Rachel Masson

For The Southwestern

Greek Life has been a part of SWOSU since 1990 with the founding of the sorority Sigma Sigma Chi. A second sorority, Zeta Phi, was founded in 2002, then a third, Eta Iota Sigma, in 2012. Since there are three options for sororities, the sororities have an event at the beginning of each fall semester - sometimes spring semester - called Rush Week.

Rush Week is a week-long event that lets college girls of all ages get to know each sorority and decide whether they would like to be a part of SWOSU’s Greek Life. This year, however, Rush Week was spread out over two weeks, rather than one, and was a bit different this year than previous years.

“We’ve taken precautions due to COVID this year,” said Montana Keith, president of Zeta Phi. “We’ve separated [rushees] into smaller groups, and there’s less rushees this year than the past years.”

With having more groups filled with smaller girls, the hope was to eliminate exposure in case a sorority member or rushee tested positive for COVID-19. However, with every sorority having to take new precautions this year, it was a bit more difficult for some to connect with the rushees.

(Montana Keith)

“It’s more difficult because we have to use social media more [to connect], and we haven’t had to do that yet,” said Shayla Clark, president of Sigma Sigma Chi.

(Shayla Clark)

However, Natalie Kinder, president of Eta Iota Sigma, said that she didn’t think it was more difficult and that it “seemed pretty normal”, it was just “more spread out”.

With Rush Week being two weeks, Montana and Clark thought it was easier to manage rather than having it be only one week.

“I feel like two weeks makes it probably more easier,” Keith said. “It’s more spread out than one week, where it is day-after-day-after-day.”

“I kind of like it more because it gives us a couple more days to interact with them (rushees),” Clark added.

(Natalie Kinder)

Another aspect that was different this year was the turnout numbers of rushees. Keith mentioned that there’s usually been about 100 girls who decide to rush in the fall, but there was between 70 and 80 girls this year.

Even though the country is still in a pandemic, Kinder said “People want a sense of normalcy,” when it comes to rushing for a sorority.

Lastly, the sororities, except for Sigma Sigma Chi, will sometimes participate in what is called Spring Rush. Spring Rush is just like Fall Rush, though there are normally less girls since Fall Rush is the most common. As of right now, it is undecided if the sororities will have a Spring Rush.

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