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He broke into SWOSU dorms: Brandon Woods sentenced to 6 years in jail

Updated: Jul 10

Brandon Ray Woods. Photo: Custer County Sheriff's Office
Brandon Ray Woods. Photo: Custer County Sheriff's Office

By Johannes Becht

News Editor

The Custer County court had enough: Brandon Ray Woods of Weatherford was sentenced to 6 years in jail on Thursday, June 10.

On Feb. 24, Woods broke into SWOSU's Henrietta Mann Hall to take a shower on the 4th floor - a female-only floor. On March 15, he was arrested for breaking into Married Housing, where he was located in a bathroom. On April 27, Woods was caught sleeping in a trailer.

Woods has a criminal background consisting of trespassing, possession of drugs, resisting officers, driving under suspension, and concealing stolen property.

The fact that he broke into dormitories of a university was probably one of the reasons for the court to sentence him to one year in jail for each case and each count. In the incident from Feb. 24, Woods was charged with trespassing plus possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia (3 counts). In the second incident from March 15, he was charged with trespassing and possession of drug paraphernalia (2 counts). On April 27, he was charged with trespassing, which brings the total to 6 counts.

However, Woods was given the opportunity to trade one year of jail time for inpatient treatment at Firstep Men's Recovery Program in Oklahoma City.

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