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How to prepare for inclement weather situations

Do you have a plan for inclement weather or any other emergencies?

Oklahoma weather can often become unpredictable, so it is important to be prepared for the worst. Photo: Saraya Hunt

By Billy Harmon

There are many things you can do to be amply prepared. SWOSU Chief of Police Kendra Brown has many tips and recommendations for the students and faculty of SWOSU, as well as the surrounding area.

Above all, she recommends signing up for the SWOSU Alert System. It is the most reliable way to be informed of any danger or situation on campus.

Start by going to swosu.edu, click on the Current Students tab, select the SWOSU Alert icon and follow the instructions to sign up. You can register your number for free as well as an additional number.

She also recommends knowing where all the shelters on campus are located. If you are unaware of their locations, you can find them on the SWOSU website.

Start by going to swosu.edu, click on the Current Students tab, under the Campus Life section click on the Campus Police tab, from there click on the What To Do tab and they are located under the Tornado tab.

She also advises people to allow themselves more time in the morning if they are obligated to be out in the weather for any reason.

If you must drive in any inclement weather of any kind, give your vehicle time to warm up, clean off the windshield and any other windows you must see through.

It is also a good idea to dress appropriately for the weather each day. In other words, dress warm for these cold days and be prepared for the worst outcome.

Last but not least she recommends having a backup plan in case things go wrong. Her personal tips for this include not letting your vehicle's gas tank get below half and keeping snacks handy in case you become stranded.

Use this information to your advantage and keep it in mind these following months. You may find yourself benefiting or even relying on this information in the near future.

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