• Sloane Sivewright

How to use the Writing Center to your advantage

By Sloane Sivewright

For The Southwestern

Struggling on a paper can be the least of a student’s worries with help from SWOSU’s Writing Center.

The Writing Center has operated for almost 20 years, with an official start in fall 2001. While focus is heavily geared toward currently enrolled students, it is also available for faculty and staff.

Appointments can be made both in-person or online for students who need help with any writing project. Also, faculty can use the center to develop a writing assignment. With nearly two decades of experience, the Writing Center offers helpful navigation through the college writing experience.

Since the emergence of COVID-19, in-person appointments have been limited to one appointment at a time, and walk-ins are no longer welcome for the time being. While these changes constrain real time consultations, the new Upswing platform can be used to its full potential.

Dr. Denise Landrum-Geyer, Writing Center coordinator, said the Student Success Center and the Writing Center have joined forces to use Upswing.

“Now, students can go on Upswing, search for our tutors by name, see when they are available, make an appointment … . It’s basically like a Zoom call just on another platform,” Landrum-Geyer said.

A factor for students to consider about Upswing is the use of Upswing coaches as well as SWOSU coaches.

“The other thing to know about Upswing is that it’s actually a private company that SWOSU is contracted. They do more than just Writing Center tutoring, it’s every subject, any class we offer. They employ their own Upswing coaches so you can go on there 24/7 and get help at any point. [However}, if you want a SWOSU tutor, you kind of have to know how to navigate to find them,” Landrum-Geyer said.

There is no need to fret over privacy of consultations at the Writing Center. Tutors sign a confidentiality statement when they are employed, and students’ work “is kept within the realm of the workers.”

The Writing Center has about 1,000 consultations per semester - helping many - but more are encouraged to come. “I think more students are learning about it, but I think more students could use it to their advantage,” Landrum-Geyer pointed out.

Students can familiarize themselves with Upswing through Single Sign On. Otherwise, students must make an appointment online at http://swosu.mywconline.com. For questions call 580-774-7038. To remain online, email drafts to writingcenter@swosu.edu.

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