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Interview with senior guard, Brock Mason, of the SWOSU Football Team

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

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Brock Mason is a senior engineereing major from Tuttle, Okla. who is also a redshirt junior on the football field. Mason has played both the left and right guard positions for the Bulldogs and started as a redshirt freshman and again the following year as a redshirt sophomore. Mason’s career started different than most, as he walked on to SWOSU’s football team and earned his

way to a scholarship.

“It started in high school, I didn’t have a bunch of offers… but I knew I wanted to be in engineering,” said Mason on his redshirt year at Southwestern, “I knew I wanted to continue playing football… and a coach invited me to fall camp, and that is where it all started.”

Being a walk-on is very different from being a scholarship athlete. At the NCAA Division 1 level, most scholarship athletes are awarded full rides. Which means that their school, all costs, are covered while they are at that university. For a NCAA Division 2 school, scholarship athletes are usually awarded partial scholarships as there is not as much money at the lower levels of competition. For walk-ons, however, they are awarded no money. Mason felt that he did it for the love of the game.

“I had a little bit of a chip on my shoulder,” said Mason on his time as a walk-on athlete, “I looked around and really believed I was better than these kids [in his class] and I thought I was really good. But no one thought that. I had to prove it all.”

Mason mentions that in the spring before his redshirt freshman season, he was listed on the depth chart as the 4th or 5th string guard. He talks about how he and then offensive line coach, Chris Stutzriem, “butted heads” at first, but eventually got along as Mason grew into a starting role. He called it a major “learning curve” as playing college athletes is a lot different than high school athletes. Mason added that he struggled towards the end of his first year before he started; stating that when your team is going 3-8, it is easy to get discouraged.

“You think about yourself as a redshirt freshman as if you aren’t good enough to play… and I think those demons come at an overcoming nose,” Mason said about the difficulties of getting through a first year of college football. “I’m really proud of myself that I was able to stick to it.”

Mason is now in his senior year and looking forward to a spring season. If the team is allowed to play in the spring, it will be his third year starting at the offensive guard spot.

The Bulldogs had their first fall practice yesterday afternoon. More updates on the football team and all sports on campus are right here under the sports tab, along with all information on events and updates around campus.

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