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New Pharmacy and Rural Health Center to be built at SWOSU

Updated: Jul 6

Rendering of the new Pharmacy and Rural Health Center at SWOSU. Photo provided.
Rendering of the new Pharmacy and Rural Health Center at SWOSU. Photo provided.

By Johannes Becht

News Editor

SWOSU President Randy Beutler on Tuesday announced a historic $5 million donation by Jerry and Margaret Hodge that will contribute to the construction of a new state-of-the-art Pharmacy and Rural Health Center.

The donation will complement the $7 million in resources provided by the recently passed sales tax by the citizens of Weatherford.

According to the rendering provided by the SWOSU administration, the building is supposed to be located along N Bradley, north of the Chemistry Pharmacy Physics Building (CPP).

However, it is unclear when construction on the project will start.

"There is still lots of planning to do," Brian Adler, Vice President of Public Relations & Marketing, said.

As SWOSU continues to expand its health sciences offerings, the Hodge donation will enable the university to proceed with planning for strategic partnerships with other higher education institutions. These partnerships could lead to SWOSU students having access to a Physician’s Assistant program and the possibility of a dual degree program through the SWOSU College of Pharmacy. This is a long-term goal and priority of SWOSU that will be powerfully and positively impacted by the Hodge gift.

The endowment component of the donation is $500,000 and the Pharmacy Foundation will honor the endowment by raising equal amounts of the matching funds. SWOSU has committed to working on matching that portion of the gift, according to Beutler.

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