• Guadalupe Serna

New proposed bill in state senate: The end of Music Therapy at SWOSU?

Updated: Mar 9

By Guadalupe Serna

For The Southwestern

A new bill, proposed by Oklahoma state Sen. Nathan Dahm (R), would repeal the Music Therapy Practice Act.

SB836 would remove music therapy licenses which allow the practice of music therapy in the state of Oklahoma. This is the third year in a row that Dahm has drafted a bill trying to repeal this act.

The bill was introduced Jan. 21 with the first hearing of the bill scheduled for Monday, Feb. 1. If the bill passed, it would become effective on July 1.

Only two universities in Oklahoma offer music therapy degrees, one of which is SWOSU. Music therapy students at SWOSU are taught and trained to become Board Certified Music Therapists.

To become a CBMT, the students must complete the music therapy board certification exam which requires the completion of “academic and clinical training requirements for music therapy or their equivalent, as established by the American Music Therapy Association,” according to the CBMT website.

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