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Oak Ridge Offering a Great Research Opportunity for SWOSU Honors Students!

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

By Alexander Shook

DawgTales Editor

Any Honors student interested in spending their summer by expanding their knowledge in the fields of science and technology? Well, we may just have the perfect summer program for you!

The Oak Ridge Institution, an official United States department of energy assessment, as well as a leader in scientific education and research, is hosting the Artificial Intelligence Summer Institute (AISI) this year at their campus in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

On the Oak Ridge automated website, Zintellect, this program advertises how students who attend AISI will be using artificial intelligence, machinery, and data in order to solve scientific challenges. They will also learn and participate in scientific communication exercises to prepare them for a career in scientific research, including oral and poster presentations and technical reports, as well as a smattering of team-based exercises.

"As part of the summer institute, students [...] will learn from [Oak Ridge] mentors who have expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning and/or domain sciences such as physics, materials, or biology." This was expressed by Dr. Brian Campbell, who thoroughly covered the upcoming program on the SWOSU Honors Facebook page.

AISI is actually its own standalone organization, which typically collaborates with different universities each summer. "[We] hope to engage [students] in educational and professional development opportunities as they explore career opportunities at national laboratories, and interact with and present their research to ORNL’s scientists," stated Dr. Barbara Bennett, one of the lead organizers of AISI, during an interview from North Carolina State University.

The program will cost students a weekly value that’s anywhere between $700 to around $1200 (primarily for students currently working for their PhD). It's scheduled to run from June 10 to August 16, 2019. Applications are due on May 1, 2019. You must be enrolled as a Junior in college or above (including college graduates or those seeking to receive a master's. Applicants are expected to have an updated resume that reflects a distinguished background--one that promotes a possible attendee's honors and awards, past internships, and overall experience in the fields of science.

For more information on this incredible research opportunity, click here! If this doesn’t sound interesting to you, then no worries--Dr. Brian Campbell here at SWOSU is always finding new research opportunities for students who are involved in the SWOSU Honors Program! Most of these are either hung up in the Honors Building (sitting right next to the Chemistry, Pharmacy and Physics (CPP) Building) or can be found on the SWOSU Honors Program’s Facebook page, which can be accessed by clicking here!

Any other questions or concerns? You can contact Oak Ridge administrators directly at HERE@orau.org.

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