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Oklahoma Research Day 2020

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Photo by Melissa Javorsky

By Sydnie Balcer

For The Southwestern

SWOSU student Alex Cassidy stood in the Wellness Center Friday explaining her research on the “Effect of Status and Sexualization of Cover Characters on Video Game Purchasing” and showed the benefits of student research.

Many students and professors traveled from all over Oklahoma to participate in Oklahoma Research Day at SWOSU this year. This is SWOSU’s second year hosting the event, and next year it will be at Cameron University in Lawton.

Students who present at research conferences must often dedicate a lot of time to their projects, ranging from a semester to multiple years.

“I’ve worked on this since the spring semester of my freshman year,” Cassidy said when discussing her research poster.

Student Cameron Herrera also spoke about his research at Oklahoma Research Day, which was over “Effective Recruitment of Adoptive Families for Teens in Foster Care Utilizing Social Media.”

“I grew up in group homes,” Herrera said when asked what motivated him to research his topic. “They are very challenging. Over 400,000 children are in foster care today, and one in five will become homeless.”

Cassidy and Herrera were among many other students at Oklahoma Research Day who were presenting topics that were interesting or personal to them, and according to Dr. Elaine Davies, assistant professor in the Art, Communication, and Theatre Department at SWOSU, there are many reasons students should participate in research.

“One of the biggest benefits for students is it shows what they’ve achieved and accomplished as a student,” Davies said. “Employers like it, and it’s a great way to get to know your faculty.”

Davies also said that students can research almost any topic that interests them, and professors are normally excited to help students in their research.

According to the University of California, Davis, students can benefit from undergraduate research by “building transferable skills and enhancing resumes” and by “getting a leg up on graduate or professional school.”

SWOSU students who are interested in pursuing undergraduate research can participate by discussing it with their professors and advisers.

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