• Johannes Becht

Only 1 active COVID-19 case at SWOSU

By Johannes Becht

News Editor

Good news from the SWOSU campus: Only 1 employee is currently infected with COVID-19. Last week, the number was 0.

It is highly unlikely that SWOSU will experience another spread of COVID-19 - and there are three reasons for that:

First: With every new wave of COVID-19 cases at SWOSU, the amount of students, faculty, and staff who got tested positive got lower. Now we have only 1 case - and it is likely that this trend will continue and only few students will get COVID during the remainder of the semester.

Second: Many people already received their vaccination, among them many SWOSU students. Oklahoma just announced the entering of phase 3, that means all students can now get an appointment to get vaccinated. So far, more than 18% of Oklahomans have at least received one dose.

Third: A significant amount of the student body has already had COVID-19 at some point, and some develop immunity, at least for some time.

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