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Organization plans events to celebrate Black History Month

By Zion Fitzpatrick

For The Southwestern

The Black Student Union is hosting multiple events this month in celebration of February and Black History month.

In celebration of Black History Month, The Black Student Union has already hosted a few events the week before such as movie night, game night, and attending the girls’ and boys’ basketball game wearing 1980s and ‘90s clothing.

The club is hosting its first Valentine’s Day fundraiser on Feb. 14. The club will also be attending the SWOSU men’s and women’s basketball games Feb. 27, wearing all black in reference to the Black Panther Party.

Sophomore Monica Gonzalez has been BSU president for three months. She likes the club because she enjoys bringing people together.

“I feel Black History Month should not just be a month,” Gonzalez said. “It should be every month. We should appreciate black culture just as much as we appreciate American culture. I feel like African-Americans have made just as much as an impact on American History just as much as any other race.”

Gonzalez also provided a little background information about the club.

“The Black Student Union has been in existence for about five months now,” she said. “A person by the name of Arianna Davis was the president for two months but had to step down for personal reasons, which gave me the president role.

“BSU meets up every Monday to discuss different topics, future events, and personal opinions on current events, and more,” Gonzalez said. “I understand we are at a majority white school. I just want to be able to bring the black students we do have on campus together and create some kind of bond between us.”

Gonzalez said that although it’s called “The Black Student Union,” people of different races could join. The group meets in Black Kettle Hall every Monday at 7 p.m.

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