• Emilie Kemp

Organization Spotlight: Biology Club

By Emilie Kemp

For The Southwestern

The Biology club held its first meeting of the semester on Thursday, Jan. 28, and perspective members were invited to attend and learn what the organization has to offer for those pursuing a degree in science.

“It’s a great way to get involved, meet other Bio majors, interact with some of the department professors in a relaxed setting, and find opportunities to further your bio career,” Biology Club President Elah Alcuitas said. “I was a Bio major and new to SWOSU when I joined, so I thought it would be a good way to network with other people in my major and meet some of my future professors.”

There are no requirements to become a part of the club itself. However, the club is also part of the Tribeta Biological Honor Society Frat. To apply for research grants and become a member, there is a $55 fee and have completed at least 12 biology credit hours.

The club holds activities such as workshops, seminars with professors, and volunteering opportunities. Some of the volunteer work has included the food bank, recycling, RAM clinic, and greenhouse nights along with several others. It also helps pay for students to attend Tribeta meetings to present their undergraduate research.

“I hope to foster a community where students interested in biology have plenty of opportunities to interact with their peers, professors, and Bio professionals to improve their understanding of biology while contributing to their community,” Alcuitas said.

The club meets once a month and is looking forward to another great semester of community.

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