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Player Profile: Livingston Cleare

Updated: Jan 22

By Rachel Masson

For The Southwestern

With the recent start of fall sports participating in the spring, SWOSU’s men’s basketball player Livingston Cleare is someone to look forward to watching.

Livingston Cleare is a 6’9” forward senior player hailing from Broward County, Florida. The Florida native first attended and played for Seminole State College, a junior college, in Seminole, for his first two years. There, Cleare averaged 5.3 points, 4.3 rebounds and 0.3 assists per game. He also averaged a field goal percentage of 53.8 and a free throw percentage of 68.1.

After graduating from Seminole State, Cleare committed to play basketball for SWOSU under coach Terry Evans. After his first year playing at SWOSU, Cleare averaged 2.9 points, 2.2 rebounds and 0.2 rebounds. He also had averaged a field goal percentage of 43.5 and a free throw percentage of 62.5.

There are a few reasons why Cleare chose to commit to SWOSU for his last two years. One of those reasons was Evans. Cleare spoke highly of Evans by saying that he was a great coach, a great recruiter and that he showed Cleare that he could come here and be “put in a position to win”. Cleare also mentioned how he loves playing at the Pioneer Cellular Event Center.

“Playing in the Pioneer Center gives you like a little rush,” Cleare said. “I love it.”

During the recruiting process, a coach and a player both need show interest in each other before a player commits. A few reasons why Evans recruited Cleare is because of his junior college career and he can shoot the ball. Evans also said that Cleare can do a little bit of everything from the defensive end to the offensive end.

One of Cleare’s teammates, Khobe Austin-Johnson, shared his thoughts on Cleare.

“He’s one of the more vocal guys, he’ll kind of talk to you” Austin-Johnson said. “Just like the little things you can’t see. More of a leader than a follower if anything. He’s one of the guys that keeps the guys going.”

Austin-Johnson did not get to play much last year because of an injury that kept him off the court However, he talked about the player chemistry between he and Cleare during practice.

“We had a lot of good chemistry in practice,” Austin-Johnson said. “It went pretty smooth for the most part. You know, we had rough days where it’s just not falling for nobody but for the most part it was pretty smooth.”

Although Austin-Johnson did not touch the court for the most part of last season, he still got to see Cleare improve his numerous skills during practice.

“He can stretch the floor and he’s like a rim protector when he’s active,” Austin-Johnson said. “He’s going to talk on defense. You can throw him the ball in the paint too. One on one, he can score in there too.”

A former player and current graduate assistant, Marquis Johnson, also had some words to share about Cleare.

“He works hard, he blocks shots, he always wants to learn,” Johnson said.

Since Johnson played at SWOSU for one year, the player chemistry between him and most of the other players was new for him. However, Johnson thinks that if he had played with Cleare for another year, they would have had “perfect chemistry.”

Johnson also spoke about the skills that Cleare brings to the court and described him as a player many skills.

“He’s tall, and he’s long, athletic, and can block shots,” Johnson said. “And he can shoot, for being so tall, and he can finish.”

Although Cleare received praise from his coach and a couple of current and former teammates, Cleare’s focus is not so much on himself but rather on the team. Cleare talked about some of his goals for this upcoming season by saying that he wants to be better than he was last year and that he wants the team to win.

“I feel like we’re going to win,” Cleare said. “We got a good team. We got a lot of guys that can play, we can do different things on the court. Coach Evans does a great job of putting us in a position to win, but at the end of the day we (the players) got to make sense, we got to play hard, he (Evans) can only do so much.”

For those wanting to watch the SWOSU men’s basketball team this season, the team plays its next home game, Jan. 16 at 4 p.m., against Oklahoma Baptist University. For more information on the team’s schedule, visit the SWOSU athletics page at swosuathletics.com.

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