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Powerful resource: LinkedIn can help students

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

LinkedIn is becoming a more and more popular tool for finding job opportunities, and SWOSU is working with LinkedIn to provide webinars to students, so they can fully utilize the resources available to them.

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By Sydnie Balcer

For The Southwestern

There will be two LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning webinars offered this semester: one at Tuesday, March 3, 3 p.m., and one on Thursday, April 2, 1 p.m. Students can register through the announcement in Canvas about the webinars by clicking the provided link.

“LinkedIn is industry standard,” Lisa Friesen, director of the SWOSU Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, said. “It is a networking site.”

Friesen explained that LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning are helpful resources for students because of the connections that can be made, the ability to list job experience and education, and the badging options that students can get by completing LinkedIn Learning courses.

LinkedIn Learning is included in SWOSU students’ tuition and can be accessed through Single-Sign-On. LinkedIn bought out Lynda.com, which was what students could use last year. Since LinkedIn Learning has replaced Lynda.com, students can link their LinkedIn Learning accounts to their LinkedIn accounts to show the different courses they have taken and studied.

Friesen said LinkedIn Learning works with authors of textbooks, so students can find a lot of credible information in whatever they are interested in studying.

For LinkedIn profiles, Friesen recommended listing all held jobs, even if they are completely unrelated to the fields students plan to pursue.

“Students often don’t complete their profiles,” she explained. She said students can demonstrate other skills or loyalty to jobs with all of their previous job experience. Friesen also encourages students to have someone review their LinkedIn profiles, such as professionals in their field or professors at SWOSU.

For more information about the LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning webinars, contact Friesen via phone at 580-774-6025 or via email at lisa.friesen@swosu.edu.

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