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Professor Spotlight - Richard Tirk

Updated: May 10, 2020

By Kiersten Stone

News Reporter

Richard Tirk is a professor for SWOSU in the music department. He has been working for SWOSU since the fall of 2012.

Tirk is an alumni for Lawrence Conservatory of Music, Western University of Michigan, and Michigan State.

He was born on May 15 in1974. He is a fan of OU, and his favorite color is green. He also enjoys cooking and doing kids crafts, such as Legos, with his two kids.

Tirk was very involved in his high school through Student Council, where he was the president, music theatre, drama, and football. He was also the announcer for the basketball team.

The best place that Tirk has traveled to has been Scotland. Australia was a close second for him though.

When he was little, he wanted to grow up to be a politician. When he was 19, he pierced his own ears.

His favorite SWOSU memory is of his first Jazz Festival, saying that the excitement of the crowd and the way that the artist connected with the crowd and was able to hype them up is what made it so enjoyable as well as memorable.

Tirk’s advice to students is simply “get more sleep.”

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