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Professor Spotlight - Sue Ball

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

By Kiersten Stone

Sue Ball has been a part of the SWOSU staff and faculty for 29 years. She graduated college from SWOSU. Her favorite thing about SWOSU is that the memories keep continuing. She considers the biggest joy of her career to be watching her former students do life.

Professor Sue Ball

Her favorite color is green. Her favorite place to travel to is San Diego to see her new grand baby. She also loves Washington D.C. Growing up, Ball didn’t really think about what she wanted to be. However, once she got into high school, she knew she wanted to do something in science. During high school, she spent her time in choir, performing in plays, and in social clubs.

Ball now spends her time volunteering at the Agape Medical Clinic, where she is also the volunteer coordinator. Some fun facts about Ball are that she was born on Dec. 17 and she supports OU in sports. She also has copious amounts of trichosiderin. Ball’s advice to students at SWOSU is “Pick your friends wisely.”

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