• Johannes Becht

Provost about campus closure: "A horrible decision that has to be made"

SWOSU Provost James South during the interview with News Editor Johannes Becht. Photo: Clay Jacobs

By Johannes Becht

News Editor

Due to inclement weather that has been forecasted for Weatherford and its surrounding areas, the SWOSU campus will be closed on Monday, Feb. 15. It is likely that the campus could be closed even the days after Monday.

"It's one of the most difficult decision we have to make," Dr. James South said.

The Southwestern News Editor Johannes Becht sat down with the SWOSU Provost and Vice President and asked him about the specific problems he and President Randy Beutler experience when making calls like that.

South also talked about what factors decide whether to close campus or not and why sometimes announcements to close campus are made very late.

The video was conducted on Thursday, Feb. 11.

Here is the full interview:

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