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Quick tips for living with a roommate

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Living with a roommate can sometimes be stressful. We provide a few tips how it can work.

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By Kylie Eaton

For The Southwestern

Colleges and universities often provide students with tips on how to get along in the beginning of a school year, but many students struggle with communicating or even getting along throughout the year sometimes making it uncomfortable in their own space.

Like SWOSU, most colleges have a roommate questionnaire to help students find a roommate with whom they will be compatible with. There's also an option to put in a roommate request, if you want to room with a friend or somebody familiar. However, not all students are able to go to the same college as their friends from high school.

“I rarely hear about problems with students in Mann Hall regarding roommate issues but when we do, they are always resolved right away,” Housing Coordinator Alyssa Bane said. “We want students to be comfortable in their rooms.”

Here’s some tips from educationcorner.com to make living with a roommate less stressful than finals.

1. Respect your roommate’s stuff.

This is simple, but one of the biggest reasons why roommates have conflicts. Don’t think she’ll mind if you borrow that cropped sweater for class? You could’ve just crossed her line. NEVER borrow, use or take anything without permission first.

2. Be cautious of who you bring into your room or apartment and how often.

The obvious, don't let strangers or just anybody into your room. Although, who’s to say you can’t have guests over? Just be mindful of your roommate’s space and make sure it's OK with your roommate to have guests over or take turns with the room. Your roommate goes to the library while you have guests over and vice versa.

3. Communicate.

This is important for a relationship of any kind. Learn your roommate’s preferences and expectations and express yours so it’s known from the get-go. This may save you both a lot if conflict, communication is key.

4. Solve problems while they’re still small.

Address problems as soon as you notice them. Don't wait to solve a problem until the situation blows up. Address the problem calmly and make your roommate aware. They can’t fix a problem if they aren't aware there is a problem.

5. Use your resources.

If you’re living in a dorm, a good first step is to talk to your resident assistant. They will have resources and advice to give you if you are in an uncomfortable situation. RAs are trained for these situations and to be there for you.

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