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Recycling program grows across campus

Updated: May 14, 2020

After having stopped for several years, the recycling program at Stewart Hall is back.

Rachel Cook, one of the resident advisors at Stewart Hall, is responsible for bringing back the recycling program at Stewart Hall. Photo: Kiersten Stone

By Kiersten Stone

News Reporter

The recycling program at Stewart Hall was brought back in the spring of 2019 after having stopped for several years.

Rachel Cook, resident advisor at Stewart Hall, organized an event to bring back recycling to the dorm and inform those who were interested. She said there were 20-30 people in attendance at the event.

“I love to recycle and could talk about it all the time,” Cook said.

Stewart Hall has multiple recycling bins for the different types of materials. There are separate bins for plastic, cans, cardboard, paper, and plastic bags.

Besides Stewart Hall, several other buildings on campus also have recycling bins. They are located in the Memorial Student Union, Hays Administration Building, and General Thomas P. Stafford Center. There is also a recycling program underway at Neff Hall.

The program in Stewart started small, but Cook is overseeing the project as it continues to grow. The program appears to be effective, as the bins continuously fill up quickly.

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